Wednesday, December 7, 2016

short story slam week 58 unexpected


well fine tuned music
robert hasty and sheery kim

cello and viola
bass and harp

Bud Seretean and Meredith Blecha Wells
Reese Foster and Olive Wells

good and bad
happy and sad

Spencer and Chloe
Trump III and Sasha Obama

Milos Trump and Frederick Trump
Charles Haydon and Boonie Haydon

Qiangjiao Kong and Aihong Wu
Simei Yan and  Chuanxian Peng

Kathleen Wilson and George Wilson
Jenna Wilson and Henryetta Wu

Aime Wu and Ari Wood
Abbey Wood and Gabe Mugroofsz

Junei Wu and Amy Tan
Alex Zhu and Larry Page

Victor Page and Gangbiao Tang
Gloria Page and Alison Wu

Kathleen Applegate and Jiaqing Chen
Christina Fallin and Chuanhui Peng

john Evans is cool
so does morty schapiro and mathhew mead

news from northwestern university

Ottino group

Front Row (l-r): Julio M. Ottino, Paul Park, Darius Wheeler, Richard Lueptow
Second Row: Mengqi Yu, Zhekai Deng, Alex Fry, Hongyi Xiao 
Back Row: Paul Umbanhowar, Zafir Zaman, Ryan Jones, Adithya Shankar, 
Austin Isner, Yongzhi Zhao

Welcome to our website.

Please feel free to explore our website and learn more about what we do. The Laboratory for Complex Systems and Nonlinear Dynamics in Fluids and Granular Materials is directed and advised by Julio M. Ottino.
We are active participants in interdisciplinary research. For example, our group is strongly involved with the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems (NICO).
Note: The copyright for published work resides with the journal or publisher. The PDF files provided here are for consultation purposes only. The material may not be reproduced, printed, or distributed without the permission of the appropriate copyright holder.

legacy of Peng Yuanxi, who is famed all over China (Peng Yuanxi refers to Julio Mario Ottino)
yunnan university
peng liyuan
xi jinping
xiang qun
yuan mingyuan
yi he yuan
gu gong bo wu yuan
xu chang
hui chang
xu yulan
xu bo
xu peidong
etc, peng yuanxi has three brothers, two sisters,
they are
Peng Yuanzhen
peng Zhenghuang
Peng Zai Er
Peng Zheng Che
Peng Siyuan
who are relative to
Morton Owen Schapiro
Mimi Yang
Sun Yat Sen University
Zhen Guofeng
Zhao Lirong
Zhao Benshan
Zhao Zhongqiang
Peng Zhongqiang
Yan Ju Er
Audie Murphy
Scott Pippen
Phil Jackson
Jian Cao
Wu Jiamei
Elena murphy
Chris Raun
Wang Min
Liu Shihe
Liu Ying
Yan Yongcui
Wu Jinlong
Ann Blair
Patrick Stein
Joel Stein
Rebecca Wells
Peng Lingling
Alicia Gosney
Chelsea Kim
Nina Wise
Arzela Leming
Peng Lijuan
Qi Qin
Fei Qiang
Wu Qilong
Zhao Yazhi
Yang Le
Wu Tiejian
Zhu Meijun
Wu Huaqin
Hu Huasheng
Amelia Wilson
Abbey Wood
Lucas Wood
Wu Aimei
Tu JUn
Lu Xiaohua
Li Donghua
Zhou Huiju
Meng Ying
Dong Qing
He Zhangmei
He Jinyuan
Suo Feng
Zen Shijie
Zhu xiaofeng
Wang Jing
Peng Danping
Zhou Ningning
Yan Ji
Tom Lee
Eric Wood
ying Bing
Rao mingrong
sun honglan

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

short story slam week 56, passport and friendships

Image result for  joe biden and barack obama

Image result for  joe biden and barack obama

Image result for  joe biden and barack obama  John Trump and Anne Trump

Image result for  joe biden and barack obama
Image result for  joe biden and barack obama
Image result for  joe biden and barack obama
Image result for trump cabinet
Image result for trump cabinet 
Image result for trump cabinet  
Image result for jim halligan  jim Halligan

Image result for brad henry  mary fallin and brad henry

Image result for tennessee governor
Image result for nashville mayor
Image result for nashville mayor    
Image result for karl dean

when yan anzhi from Sashi city visit Yan Simei, or Peng Zhongqiang,
she brings in Yan Qingzhi, and Megan Barry, along with her brother
James Barry, Bruce Barry, and Max Barry,
they look charming,
and distant

when Mary Bary and Jerry Barry are promoted to Tennssee,
they recall Peng Chuanzhen, and Peng Lexin, and they
think of Austin Owunse, and Amelia Wilson, and they
often refer their relatives to Ann Blair, Joseph Singer,
Drew Faust, Martha Minow, Rusty Stein, Joel Stein, Patrick Stein,
Sophie Schmidt, Alison Schmidt, and Lucinda Trump,
they actually recall Han River and Long River,
including Shen Nong Jia, Shiyan middle school,
or Beijing Capital Normal,

so, how many people reside USA supporting Yan Yizhi
or Gong Xianghong?
how many people recognize Stephan Wilson,  Larua Bush,
Sasha Obama, Ma Bing, Tang Gangbo, or Robert Hasty?

we do appreciate Jian Cao, Lindsay Chamber, Bob Young,
Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Dick Cheney, Sergey Brin, and Benji Wojin

maybe after another 30 years, we see each other retiring,
shedding tears from our sad homes,
that's later breaking news
so far, we rise, pushing our wall street journal to top,
entertaining some new yorkers, thinking of Yan Yingfang,
Yan Shezhi, Yan Yongcui, and Slyvan Bogue, Marielle Bogue,
and Marissa Mayer, etc.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

short story slam week 55, about family roots of Yunqing Fan, Jing Wu, Samba Beredjick, and Abbey Wood

short story slam week 55, about  family roots of  Yunqing Fan, Mira Singer, Jing Wu,
Samba Beredjick, Joy Wilson, Bo Xu, Gangbo Tang, Ying Liu, and Abbey Wood..

who knows about Qing Yin?
who knows about Cunfeng Zhao?
who relates to Qing Wang?
who recalls Moye Guan?

after research San Xiao opera soap,
we know a romance of Liang Sanbe and Zhu Yingtai,
we know a regret of Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu,
we know a surprise tale of Tang Jieyuan and Fan Qiuxiang

Arkansas state has a story of Petite Jean,
who pretends to be man and brave,
Yunnan, Kunming has Meng Liyun
who dressed up as a man saving Huang Pu Shao Hua and Meng Shiyuan

Alaska has a prince Kole Barry who carries courage
to Xiang Qun, and Chen Sisi, supporting Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Chicago has a princess Ruel  Owens who has strength
to hold up half of a sky, pleasing YUn Yan God from Dong Ting lake

Tang Yan has a nickname An Hui,
he has outstanding talents in poetry, math, and computer technology,
The Great Wall and Yun Canal know bike riding story about
Hu Huasheng, Zhao Xin, Tang Xian, Zhu Ai E, Ma Bing, Chen Silin, Zhou Xing E

close to heart,
a great, great, great grandfather loves his own belongs
Fan Jiahong
     Gong Wuke
          Tang Bohu
             Peng Xianwu
                 Yang Wuzi
                     Tan Yingcong
                         Chen Jiahui
                             Xu  Wenjia
                                Wen Jiabao  
                                   Liao Shuchuan
                                     Shui  Ning
                                       Tu Jun
                                 Ji Yan
                        Xu Bo
               Wang Min
       Liu Shihe
Sheng Wu

etc, relevant people sprout all over the places,    the most famous one is

Tang Bohu  \\  Liang Qiuxiang
                Tang Jiezhong
                            Tang Kooloon
Xu Ming  \\  Tang Jiezhong
              Xu  Qunying
              Xu  Hanxing

Peng Hansen \\  Xu Qunying
            Peng Zhongqiang
            Peng Fusheng

Peng Zhong \\ Yan Ju Er
           Peng Hounian
           Peng Shuicai   
           Peng Hongnian

Peng Shuicai \\ Kang Xun
            Peng Jinmei
            Peng Huojun

Hu Songzhi \\ Shuai Zhangping
         Hu Qiaoqiao
         Hu Linlin
 Image result for 三笑01 (13)(向群,陈思思)Three Charming        

Tang Jieyuan and Chang yanji

Image result for 三笑01 (13)(向群,陈思思)Three Charming  

Li Bai and Li Yue Wan

Image result for 三笑01 (13)(向群,陈思思)Three Charming


Friday, September 30, 2016

short story slam week 54, fishing and driving

short story slam week 54, nature, water, land, fresh air, freedom, and confidence

  Image result for fish poetry 

Image result for fish poetry 

Image result for fish poetry 

They walk silently along my hallways.
Floors littered with faded finery.
Do you remember my Granduer?
I had once been called the Queen of the sea.
Pulled down to the ocean's floor.
Swaying silently, so many sad souls
They are entombed here 
Forever a part of me 
Left to wander my halls
Sharing this watery hell
Faces frozen in skeletal grins
Evidence of our eternal sadness
Fish now swim across my stage
The band is silent
Still I remember
I absorbed them note by note
They played till my last moment
Yet it was not for my benefit
For I had betrayed them
My promises were empty
Temptation, travel, time together
Some mercifuly escaped
What did they remember of me?
Some came back in ghostly form
Searching for those I had taken from them
I will not release them
For I do not wish to be alone.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

a summary of lotus flower girl, Jen Whiteson and Alfredrick Whiteson

Dr. Hess is a widely published author with more than 60 books and articles to his credit, and has served as an editor for Economics and Politics and Macroeconomic Dynamics. He has been invited to make more than 90 scholarly presentations and seminars around the world. His academic specialties include monetary policy, macroeconomics, and the economics of national security.
He and his wife, Lora, are the parents of two daughters, Abigail (a recent graduate of Wellesley) and Meredith (a junior at Davidson).

Davidson College is a private liberal arts college in Davidson, North Carolina with a historic 665-acre main campus and a 110-acre lake campus[5] on Lake Norman. The college has graduated 23 Rhodes Scholars.[6]
Davidson is highly selective and annually enrolls about 1950 students from 47 states and 40 countries.[7] Of those students, nearly 80 percent study abroad[8] and about 25 percent[9] participate in 21 Division 1 sports.[10]

 Davidson’s Presidents
(l-r) Samuel R. Spencer Jr. (1968-1983),
Carol E. Quillen (2011-),
Thomas W. Ross (2007-2010),
 John W. Kuykendall (1984-1997, and interim for 2010-2011),
Robert F. Vagt (1997-2007). October 18, 2011.
Source: Davidson College Flickr
Photo Credit: Bill Giduz/Davidson College

Jennifer whiteson // Sherman Pope
Taylor wisdom
Megan Crow
Benjamin houston
Lotus Henryetta
Lucinda Paige
Marianno Wilkinson
Cynthia FRancisco

Grogrey Hess  //  Lora Hess
Abigail Hess
Meredith Hess

 Marcia Quillen // William Quillen
 Tracey Quillen 
Carol Quillen

Tracey Quillen // John Carney
Jill Carney
Lisa Carney

Alden Burns Hargis // ann Hargis
 Kate Ann Hargis
Matt Burns Hargis

William JACO  //lINDA jACO
Eva Jaco
Gerald Jaco
Matt Jaco
Thomas Jaco

Stephan Maxwell wilson //Katleen Ambrosio Wilson
Amelia Jeannette Wilson
Amos George Wilson
Stephanie June Wilson
joy  Evelyn Wilson
Patricia Clair
woody Williams

 Wang Guiqiang // Guan Yanqiu
Wang Min

Paula Johnson ~~  Phyllis Rosenthal Sands (Mother in law)

Image result for wellesley university  
Image result for davidson college 

Image result for wabash college

Image result for wabash college  

Image result for university of tennessee

Image result for university of tennessee       \\

Image result for oklahoma state university 

Friday, August 12, 2016

short story slam week 50, the way you fly is how we try to write

Image result for tupperware  

Image result for tupperware 

Image result for Mccafe 

sino swiss hotel of beijing

 Image result for san francisco airport 

From Beijing to Guangzhou,
From Sanya to San Francisco,
Birds flap together for Research and Trip Purpose

From Hong Kong to Tokyo,
From Taichung to Seoul,
Quansen Jiu, Baoquan Yuan, Changxin Miao, Xiaojing Xu, Yan He, and Burns Hargis vote

From Jiaozuo to Macau,
From Brizil to San Diego,
Olympic sports sell, Michael Phelphs, Yaxin Liu, Madison Wilson, Ryan Loctte, they swim

Dan Coudreaut speaks of burger making through Donald Trump,
Misty Gould thinks of Tupperware selling via Wewoka and Sulphur
Google company believes that online search and information are key to most of us at America

Gray Boy's lawn care, Lisa Mantini,
Guthrie Job Corps Center, Royce Wright,
Quartz Mountain Arts camps, Julia Wright, Emily Rolling, Theo cohen, Anne Peters, Jen Hilger

Hastings is running out of business,
US Army Michael Salazar,
Okemah Public Library, Teresa Labbe, they post books

Food Pyramid,
CVS pharmacy,
Walmart and Asian Food mart, including Pho's noodle house and Super Cao Yuan

all birds perch for worms
all aircrafts fly for different destinations
all people choose many tickets or vouchers for educations

Say No to drugs
Say No to violence
just saying, relax, and enjoy your cup of tea

Image result for staples 

Image result for red lobster 

Image result for napoli's 

Image result for nashville 
Image result for nashville

 Image result for william penn adair roger memorial 

Image result for william penn adair roger memorial  will roger =william penn adair roger