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a summary of lotus flower girl, Jen Whiteson and Alfredrick Whiteson

Dr. Hess is a widely published author with more than 60 books and articles to his credit, and has served as an editor for Economics and Politics and Macroeconomic Dynamics. He has been invited to make more than 90 scholarly presentations and seminars around the world. His academic specialties include monetary policy, macroeconomics, and the economics of national security.
He and his wife, Lora, are the parents of two daughters, Abigail (a recent graduate of Wellesley) and Meredith (a junior at Davidson).

Davidson College is a private liberal arts college in Davidson, North Carolina with a historic 665-acre main campus and a 110-acre lake campus[5] on Lake Norman. The college has graduated 23 Rhodes Scholars.[6]
Davidson is highly selective and annually enrolls about 1950 students from 47 states and 40 countries.[7] Of those students, nearly 80 percent study abroad[8] and about 25 percent[9] participate in 21 Division 1 sports.[10]

 Davidson’s Presidents
(l-r) Samuel R. Spencer Jr. (1968-1983),
Carol E. Quillen (2011-),
Thomas W. Ross (2007-2010),
 John W. Kuykendall (1984-1997, and interim for 2010-2011),
Robert F. Vagt (1997-2007). October 18, 2011.
Source: Davidson College Flickr
Photo Credit: Bill Giduz/Davidson College

Jennifer whiteson // Sherman Pope
Taylor wisdom
Megan Crow
Benjamin houston
Lotus Henryetta
Lucinda Paige
Marianno Wilkinson
Cynthia FRancisco

Grogrey Hess  //  Lora Hess
Abigail Hess
Meredith Hess

 Marcia Quillen // William Quillen
 Tracey Quillen 
Carol Quillen

Tracey Quillen // John Carney
Jill Carney
Lisa Carney

Alden Burns Hargis // ann Hargis
 Kate Ann Hargis
Matt Burns Hargis

William JACO  //lINDA jACO
Eva Jaco
Gerald Jaco
Matt Jaco
Thomas Jaco

Stephan Maxwell wilson //Katleen Ambrosio Wilson
Amelia Jeannette Wilson
Amos George Wilson
Stephanie June Wilson
joy  Evelyn Wilson
Patricia Clair
woody Williams

 Wang Guiqiang // Guan Yanqiu
Wang Min

Paula Johnson ~~  Phyllis Rosenthal Sands (Mother in law)

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