Friday, June 19, 2015

Mick Cornetts and Benham Companies

south 35,
southwest 40,
pathway number 6 or 9,
Turnpike John Kirkpatrick 44.
Mick Cornett and Benham companies,
Gary Marrs, Jerry Foshee, Willa Johnson, Pete White, and Patrick Ryan councilmen,
as for Will Roger world airport,
Don Bown, Jim Scott, Jim Couch, Ann Simank, and Luther Trent airport trust.
George Shirk, San Francisco mayor,
Larence McATEE, Sam Bowman additions,
Alex Hang, Albert Chaoyang Zhang, Choi Sin Yau, Jinxi Yang, and Fang Liu, Fen Peng.
Hong Kong science museum is deep,
So does Shenzhen Grand Theatre,
Look at Nichol Jannet, ManSing Wong,
what Fairwood shop.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

instant maxwell house coffee

Yumai beef noodles,
SanYang shrimp fried rice,
YuFan fisherman nets,
TienYi chocolate cake.
Regardless how many dishes you eat,
No matter how much money one earns,
Christopher Robin is in frames,
Kate Middleton fulfills Buckingham dreams.
Justin Vutton street,
Prince Edward Road,
Bakery Windorson avenue,
Lori Roberts lane.
You drink highland milk,
I pick Great Value juice,
He purchases Pocketful jokes,
She sips instant maxwell house blend coffee, of course.
when it comes to world peace,
we promote inner strength and intelligence,
if you look for love and fun,
then travel around, invest your time, and enjoy the external grace.

Venetian (WeiNiShe) of Las Vegas

Hong Kong Ferry station,
Tickets to Macau, from Shekou or Beng Seng,
Interesting Island Pacific hotel shuttle.
Red, Green, Blue,
The sea is muddy with waves,
fun Caito macau jet experience.
encounting Wu Ke,
A deal is made to three eel,
Bus rides to major attractions.
The Golden Dragon dome is cool,
Sands, Wynn, Lotus Flame, Galaxy, Starworld, Starwood...
The Venetian casino castle rocks.
Connecting to Las Vegas, Nebraska,
We see Sheldon Adelson, Richard Katzeff, Ted Cutler,
Irwin Chafetz, Jordan Shapiro, Larry Page, Jerry Yang..