Friday, August 12, 2016

short story slam week 50, the way you fly is how we try to write

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Image result for tupperware 

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sino swiss hotel of beijing

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From Beijing to Guangzhou,
From Sanya to San Francisco,
Birds flap together for Research and Trip Purpose

From Hong Kong to Tokyo,
From Taichung to Seoul,
Quansen Jiu, Baoquan Yuan, Changxin Miao, Xiaojing Xu, Yan He, and Burns Hargis vote

From Jiaozuo to Macau,
From Brizil to San Diego,
Olympic sports sell, Michael Phelphs, Yaxin Liu, Madison Wilson, Ryan Loctte, they swim

Dan Coudreaut speaks of burger making through Donald Trump,
Misty Gould thinks of Tupperware selling via Wewoka and Sulphur
Google company believes that online search and information are key to most of us at America

Gray Boy's lawn care, Lisa Mantini,
Guthrie Job Corps Center, Royce Wright,
Quartz Mountain Arts camps, Julia Wright, Emily Rolling, Theo cohen, Anne Peters, Jen Hilger

Hastings is running out of business,
US Army Michael Salazar,
Okemah Public Library, Teresa Labbe, they post books

Food Pyramid,
CVS pharmacy,
Walmart and Asian Food mart, including Pho's noodle house and Super Cao Yuan

all birds perch for worms
all aircrafts fly for different destinations
all people choose many tickets or vouchers for educations

Say No to drugs
Say No to violence
just saying, relax, and enjoy your cup of tea

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Image result for nashville

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Image result for william penn adair roger memorial  will roger =william penn adair roger