Friday, January 22, 2016

Beijing Wuzi University, Tongxian District, Yunhe Canal Bay, people's republic of China

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Black & White Wednesday ~ Mirrors
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short story slam week 37: January 21, to February 7, 2016, safari tent adventures

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B is for Beijing Wuzi University

bad wolfs,
a page of bad eggs images

beijing is supposed to be a sign of justice,
roaring bustling pilots in computer science and materials engineering

yet, many wonder,
what is the motivation behind those wuzi drivers?

Fuchu Fan, Fengyu Lan, Mingfa Wang, Qun E Femg, Chibo Yan, and Qun Yan
they are all over the places, some doing banking business

dismiss Yan Gao, Jianfei Sun, and Xiaodong Xie,
forget about the pain of Donghua Li, Huiju Zhou, Xiaohua Lu,

think of Xiamen, Fuzhou, Puutian, Harbin, Shijingshan today.
give a sigh of false claims of engagement of extended relations

When Amelia and Shengsi join to do research,
Yan Pan, Kayla Mingming Zhang, Barbara Bloyd, and Naomi Tenable decide to do math

Wordle 234

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Open Theme Friday [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]
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Saturday, January 9, 2016

for our lady by Sonia Sanchez

    billie       if someone
had loved u like u
shud have been loved
ain't no tellen what
kinds of songs
                   u wud have swung
gainst this country's wite mind
or what kinds of lyrics
                                  wud have pushed us from
our blue / nites
                      yeh.         billie
if some bik/man
                          had reallee
made u feel
                    permanentlee warm
aint's no tellen
                         where the jazz of you/songs.
                               wud have led us.