Monday, February 29, 2016

famous people from Morrison, Perry, Coyle, Orlando, Mulhal, Tryon, Kelly, Pawnee, Hominy, and Carney


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short story slam week 39, the children's place, toys, games, puzzles, and cartoon books

world famous people,
look at Andy Morrison, Van Morrisaon, Lori Swaton

world famous place for children
check out Oregon, Idaho, Georgia, Virginia, and Scranton

Wolsey Avenue, Kathleen Dichter meets Gordon Johnson,
Wall bargain center,  Boonie Forester rules Sean Forey, Nolen Nice

Pawnee, Hominy, Skiatook, Owasso, and Inola,
James Morrison votes for Rosekla Morrison, He Zi and Wu Minxia dive

World sports is a game for all walks of life,
we see Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton, William, Harry, and Sarah Stevenson

Far at Weymouth, Manchester, Ames, Birmingham, and Paris,
Lord Coe, Austin Playfoot, Adellie Tracey, and Aidan Reynolds plot schedules

Track and field, swimming, diving boards, volleyball, basket ball,
all games are directed by Cameron MacRitchle, Katie Kirk, Desiree Henry,

the international games happen once for 4 years,
next game is held at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, southern America

we wait to see Jordan Duckitt, Callum Airlie, Eric Farrell, Mik Bast, 
we go for Jacques Rogge, Russell James, Guy Drut, Danny Boyle

a drive to London is long,
a yell for Tokyo fans is loud

hurray, Michael Phelps, Saudi Arabia, George Alexander Louis,
grow fast, Charlotte, Margaret, Laura, Barbara, Shizo Abe, and Wen Jiabao

look for new places,
they invite you from Nolen Niu, Havana, Istanbul, Leipzig, Madrid, Moscow, Paris

stop by Morrison, El REno, and Elgin,
eat at Denny's from Chickasaw, Tulsa, Yale, Pawnee, Clever land, Bristow, or Kelly

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

short story slam week 39, people we must know to show our gratitude, thanks

So, some say, you rock,
others say, you rude,
I say, you sweet,
you say, I twitter....

no kidding,
everyone has a story,
i feel lost when i look at your company,
speaking to your peers, that's how you start your own short story slams

good luck!

Barbara Halliday
Gordon Hayward
Jennifer Nettles
David Nail
Buck Owens Crystal
John charles Fremont
Buena Vista
Marissa Mayer
Zach Bogue
Rabobank Theater
San Joaquin Valley
Kern County
Ksenija Sidorova
John Scofield
Rich Cline
Atheton Oaks
Tim Flynn
Bryan MacDonald
Carmen Ramirez
Donna Padilla
Bert Perello
Daniel Martinez
Iris Gernald Cantor
Beth Gernald Cantor
Hoover tower
Gia Coppoia
Anderson Cooper
Gloria Laura Vanderbilt
Jennifer Loperz
Emma Roberts
James Franco
Jack Kilmer
Zoe Levin
Baker Mayfield
Mayfield Creek
Isaac Shelby
Henry Oxnard
Andrew Jackson
Greg Nyhoff
EL Camino
Niles Essanay
Ardenwood Aqua
Irvington Coyote
Bill Harrison
Suzanne Lee Chan
Jackie Chan
Jack Black
Jack Ma
Doug Aldrich
Vinnie Bacon
Lily Mei
Rick Jones
Fred Diaz
Bob Wieckowski
Bob Young
Jeff Bezos
Morton Owen Schapiro
Drew gilpin Faust
Martha Minow
Joseph William Singer
Norman Newton Minow
Josephine Baskin Minow
Ann Blair
Mark Wu
Thomas James
Steve Albini
Matt Nathanson
Anna Nalick
Cao Zhu
Tupelo Londonderry
Katherine Hepnurn
Norman Mineta
Agnews Asylum
Jose Joaquin Morago
Junipero Serra
Norberto Duerias
Sam Liccardo
Saint Joseph
Rosicrucian Egyptian
Kevin shea
Winchester Mystery
Ryanhood Spartans
David Nail
Travis Scott
James Supercave
Ryanhood 2 Yapamp
Steve Wozniak
Dan Rich
Ken Rosenberg
Pat Showalter
Paul Terrell
William Shockley
Wally Pond
mike Honda
Eric Swalwell
Kansen Chu
Bill Quirk
bob Wieckowski
Fred Diaz
Rick Jones
Lily Mei
Vinnie Bacon
Doug Aldrick
Edward Lee
Chuck Reed
Jerry Yang
Jingle Yan
Annapolis Montuwa
Thomas Owen Washington
Jewelry Samantha Paris
Infamous Mountain
Fallin Page-Bricker
Lucinda Southworth
Anne Wojicicki
Susan Wojcincki
Stacy Sullivan
Christopher Clark

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

short story slam week 38, Valentine's day...

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Family and Love 

Time Spent With Harvard Is Priceless

Six Word Saturday

Valentine is here,
let's go for free, cheer

Francis J. Doyle is profound,
so does Nicholas Zeppos, Yaron Singer, and Alexander Sasha Rush

Michelle Obama remarks Princeton University well,
Barack Obama intends Harvard Law perfect

George Bush relates to Yale, or Rice University,
Bill Clinton and Larry Lawrence Page feel good about Standford University

Tao Li always appreciates Boston College, and University of California, Berkeley,
Jiahong Wu, Peter Hans, Grace Tsiang, and Peter Constantin recall University of Chicago

we vote for University of Texas at Austin, 
when Jerry Bona, Hongqiu Cheng, Juanming Yuan, Lixin Gong graduate

Qingbo Huang, Yu Yuan, Henry Leitner, Harry Lewis have fun with Seaweed,
David Brooks, Jelani Nelson, Salil Vadhan, Robert Noyce, Jonathan Zittrain opt for Java

a math ph d goes for Norman school,
that happens to Meijun Zhu, Huaqing Wu, Alen Yen, john Armstrong, and Liz Armstrong

love is real
when the bakery is hot

love is red
when the passion is absolutely true to Fred

Alfred Nobel is wise,
so does Ran Ma, Tao Zhou, Min Wang, and Shawn Peng