Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tomatoes, The Best Cure To Rabbit Aches....

"What's news?" Quacked the duck.
"Creamy corn with tomato sauce served on an arc?"
"Oh, no!" the sheep yawn,
"I prefer tender grass, spring water by dawn!"
"what's wrong?" wondered the rabbit.
"Hopping around for tomato treats, that's my habit."
My stomach is tough,
because it's made of finer stuff.
My stomach is loose
and greens is my fondest choice.
The rabbit pauses, shaking his head,
"I want everything fresh and wild like that!"
The duck swims off,
The goat walks away,
The bunny gives a big bite to a tomato,
and flees, no more ache to destroy his day.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Water, WuDe, or Shui (Sh-ui, Shu-i, S-Hui): The Element Occupying 70% of US!

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Thursday Poets Rally Week 71 (August 22-29, 2012)

Water ( Wude is Sound, Shui in Meaning of Chinese) is "is a chemical substance with the chemical formula of H2O" and "HOH"

Water in human bodies, ocean, air, plants, animals, and also in clouds, rain, sweat, lake, wind, or gas…shows us the essential and vital importance of its existence…



Concentration is less water
More water is dilution
Stones, boulders more strong concentration
Sand and the like fine concentration
Water and the like just dilution
Side by side rock and water coexist
To each other rock and sand give birth
To a mix sand and water give birth
The Mix to a rock gives birth
Water on rock evaporates
Rock on water stays
Sand on water or
Water on sand never
The rock of old age
Strong concentrated knowledge means
The Mix of young age
Fine concentrated knowledge means
Fine Concentration watered can be
As sand and water mix
Strong concentration watered can never be
As rock on water stays
The watered is the sand
The unwatered, the rock
Thou shall never water the unwatered 

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Solstice

Here in the lap of summer,
in the rain spreading memos, sharper,
The swallows fling,
The boy's cello string,
The day's spiraling thing,
Quiescence overlaps
one after another,
behind the blunt woods,
and blooms,
Both open and closed discussions
add colors to the morning,
Evil is not eliminated but
better understood,
Love is lit by the patience
and hound-like devotions.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Limerick All The Way To The Sizzling Olympic Games!

copyright @2007

A gymnast performed a routine
The best that the judges had seen
He tumbled and flipped
And then danced as he dipped
Whilst playing a small tambourine!


She only had one chance at gold
A baby, eleven years old...
The coach saw her plight
And asked: "You all right?"
She answered him: "Shit, no I'm cold!"

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