Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Edmond, Morton, Boston, Evanston, San Francisco, all Profound...

Amy Takayama-Perez || Amarillo Bend
                                            Bret Patterson                       Brownsville Fresno         
                                          Chuck Hagel                              Corpus Christi
    Darin Huggins                                Dodge City
  Elise Morkel                                        Elko Ely
                                    French Michael                                        Fairbanks Hilo
                                  Glasson Max                                                Gallup Tucson
                                Heather Storm                                                  Harbin Bucharest
                              Ichelle Edmonston                                                Imaginary Peoria 
                           Janelle Matthews                                                        Jackson Hole
                         Kai Ma                                                                            Key West
                        Laurie Rosatone                                                                Lubbock Cody City
                         Marguerite Regan                                                            Marquette Norfolk                                                      
                           Noah Kane                                                                 Nome Casper
                             Omidyar Pierre                                                       Ocean city
                               Peter Pace                                                          Palm Spring
                                  Qing Chiang                                                   Qiti (Gas)
                                    Richard Holm                                             Rapid City
                                      Samuel Berger                                         Saint Louis
                                        Tracey Edmonds                                 Tupelo Branson
                                           Utah Snow Mountains                    Uhue Fargo
                                             Vint Cerf                                     Van Mitchell
                                               Wayne Murphy                       Wailuku Barrow
                                                 Xi Jinping                            Xtra Macon                    
                                                   Yue Li                            Yuma Burns Simpson
                                                       Zuying Song   ||   Zhong Guan Cun
Edmond, Morton, Boston, Evanston, San Francisco, all Profound,
Diamond, ginger roots, yams, potatoes, live underground,
Nutrition facts, computer science, world history,
People, Products, literature, poetic story,
An apple a day,
Poetry is good to lose some weight. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Haiku 1-2-3

Lemme see Peru,
Sandwiches, salads, and cheese,
Never meant to tease.

Peru and Cuba,
Good things like ma and pa,
How about some Pizza?

Lopez, Pamela, or Brazil,
A lady seeks ways to feel,
Try out Mexico.

Russia, Hungry,
None shall make you so angry,
Go ask Hillary.

To write I will try,
To entertain I shall fly,
To laugh I must slide.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Seattle Imagery

Washington state,
West coast plate,
Fair weather,
Fixed season temperature,
Michael Young,
Hyatt Hotel,
Petting zoo,
Red Cliff,
Green Valley,
Blue waves,
Mountain and forests stand shoulder to shoulder,
Fruits and vegetables come from Colorado or Boulder,
Seattle has everything we need,
Seattle minds others such as Evanston, a retreat.
A promising education and creation to locate,
Seattle is admirably great.

Washington state,
West coast plate,
Elegant imagery,
Breathtaking scenery,
Paris perfume,
Rome camera and zoom,
El Paso taco,
I don't mean to be hostile...
Julio Ottino,
Morton Schapiro,
Barack Obama,
Joe, Jill, Ali, Mara, and Sara,
You've got to love Seattle,
A fresh place to settle.