Tuesday, December 22, 2015

ABc Wednesday, X is for Xie Xiaodong, and Short stroy slam week 35: love

X for Xie xiaodong


Christmas fare...

there is no job well done
unless you add fun
and humor to Dan

there is no gem in your home
unless you work hard without expecting
anything big to your personal favor

there is no free cash
and no free fame
yet you can search for a fiction love for a change

there is no red love
or green eggs and brown ham
but we all eat oranges, and drink diet pepsi

xiaodong xie, the sweet girl from kunming,
huiju zhou, a singing angel from chengdu,
xuezhi zhang, a promising and achieving diamond from xihu.

 short story slam week 35, Dece 17 to Janu 10, 2016


Tomsen's Music Inspirations during 2007-2015

music cures
music speaks of positive energy
and music rules

during years of string music playing
small child grows
and doubtful mind confirms beauty

we honor a few dozen musicians or music fans
so that orchestra, band, jazz concert continues
and yo yo ma still shines despite asian

let's read their names
and smile
to the audience of strong music lovers:

lang lang
yo yo ma
sarach chang
amelia wilson
sean yen
alan yen
diane chen
sandy wright
sophie chang
christina li
david lee
tom lee wu
sheng wu
mike steined
angela brocker
axel theimer
allen chen
tina wu
wavely wang
chris wang
robert ponto
richard prior
amanda drinkwater
michael raiber
nathan greenwood
jason edward grife
bob cooper
matt mailman
dene moon
dennis mcclurg
scott jackson
christy fine
dan larson
john clinton
eric garcia
gayla foster
lisa storm
meredith blecha wells
karina fisher
glecia enrich
peter markes
sarah xonstantin
sarah neely
dawn thrailkill
gena alexander
jerry messick
josh gorton
rachel evans
mary monaghan
lawrence dongilli
scott davis
robert mills
shane jewell
penny askew
yui sato
gregory crane
joel levine

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

short story slam week 34, and ABC Wednesday on V....

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Short Story Slam Week 34 on Holiday Sentiments

virus and verses
always the good and bad choices
by our figure tips

autumn wind blows
invisible and fulfilling to human being
nashville town hall glows

vanderbilt university
featuring valden nurns hargis and ann hargis
by milky way 

magpie bridge carries
a hump over camel sky way, a tianxian pei
from Heaven and Earth

along Fuzzy, Murphy, and Duck street,
James Hilligan and Jordan Thomas swing their baseball bats
Dupree, Passport, Caribou, and CVS pharmacy agree

three word Wednesday,
ABC Wednesday on V, what opposite of
Obituary, and a placid of resonant spray 
Votes, voters gather,
many hearts touched by words of Barack Obama
a crow pees on my car window

Carpe Diem #876 the journey continues: early summer rains; fleas and lice (a short episode)

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3WW Week No. 457: obituary, placid, resonant

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Black & White Wednesday ~ Down Town 

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Image result for vanderbilt university

V stands for Vanderbilt university