Wednesday, December 7, 2016

short story slam week 58 unexpected


well fine tuned music
robert hasty and sheery kim

cello and viola
bass and harp

Bud Seretean and Meredith Blecha Wells
Reese Foster and Olive Wells

good and bad
happy and sad

Spencer and Chloe
Trump III and Sasha Obama

Milos Trump and Frederick Trump
Charles Haydon and Boonie Haydon

Qiangjiao Kong and Aihong Wu
Simei Yan and  Chuanxian Peng

Kathleen Wilson and George Wilson
Jenna Wilson and Henryetta Wu

Aime Wu and Ari Wood
Abbey Wood and Gabe Mugroofsz

Junei Wu and Amy Tan
Alex Zhu and Larry Page

Victor Page and Gangbiao Tang
Gloria Page and Alison Wu

Kathleen Applegate and Jiaqing Chen
Christina Fallin and Chuanhui Peng

john Evans is cool
so does morty schapiro and mathhew mead

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