Tuesday, August 22, 2017

the Sailor By Geof Hewitt


In the movie the boat goes under
And he alone survives the night in the cold ocean,
Swimming he hopes in a shoreward direction.
Daylight and he's still afloat, pawing the water
And doesn't yet know he's only fifty feet from shore.
He goes under for what will be the last time
But only a few feet down scrapes bottom.
He's suddenly a changed man and half hops, half swims,
The remaining distance, hauls himself water logged
Partway up the beach before collapsing into sleep.
As he dreams the tide comes in
and rolls him back to sea.

sunday whirl

Wordle 313 


orange patch
pumpkins and haunting ghosts
facts turn
torches burn

left over sadness
right wing balance left wing
stability and evil confront

lies could not thrive
status of liberty remain high
new york times and tulsa world match

Thursday, August 17, 2017

short story slam week 74, 73,

short story slam week 74, about residing else where for a change, maybe on weekends 

 Image result for skip to rome, italy

a family vacation is inresistable!

   a lovely city


  florencve high school
outstanding first year agriculture student winner

     gran brelagna is cheerful about her school years

Sister Of Mine - Poem by ToddMichael St. Pierre

Sister of mine, please know that I miss you,
As miles seperate us in life as we roam.
I close my eyes and we're still together…
Splashing in puddles as we skip toward home.

Picking wish-flowers and making mud-pies,
In fields of Summer, under apricot skies.
Oh it really does seem like yesterday,
And I'll always remember us this way.

Sister of mine, please know that I love you,
No distance on earth, could alter this truth.
Not a day passes, that I don't think of you,
And far-away playgrounds in dreams of youth.