Friday, February 27, 2015

Two Long Dragons

big and mature,
two long dragons think of one another.
two fires on earth
the anger of the elephants.
two earthquakes in Heaven,
the fists of tiger woods.
a tornado in Texas,
the blues from the Longhorns,
a dimple in North America,
the smile of Betty Rebecca.
Two long dragons speak of the universe,
their tails sweep disasters off the earth.
they read the daily o-colly,
with their hot cheeks burning,
they eat the Moon slowly,
with their cold feet freezing.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

the goose and the swan

the goose and the swan
walk slowly by a lake,
the goose think of his son,
the swan thinks of his cake.
the day turns dark,
the goose breaks his ankle,
the swan contacts the duck,
and they decide to stay at Motel Frankle.
sleeping on a haystack,
The goose has a heart attack,
the swan dreams of white clouds,
the duck goes underwater,
swimming off his fat from McDonalds.

written for   Hyde Park Poetry

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