Monday, June 20, 2016

first day of singing, short story slam week 46, escape

slow down...

  Image result for slow down signs in yellow 

Image result for slow down signs in yellow  

hot cakes baked,
iced tea served

white balloons
frank talks

American idols
pop song singers are selected to visit hollywood

in this June 19, celebration of spirits rise,
Cello players sit, crescent and dotty green

Jordan Schneider paints Dark Moon Shadow,
Air, The Mountaintop, Flute Sonata, Cantilena, Aria, Taps, the movements are elegant

Cello strings, piano keys, solo dance, group ballets,
they orchestra such youthful notes in Holly Moore, Josh Betley, and Yvonne Chouteau

the masters are named after Claudine Long, Charles Graybill, Jack Givens, Harrison Cotton,
We add light of Lacey Hays, Amanda Arrington, Caleb Mitchum, Robert Wand, Andrea Ramsey

love the confidence in You,
love the preserved quality in Quartzyard Arts

Mira Scheld, Joy Chen, Tim Long, Julian Walker, Jack Hopkins, your voices shake Berlin wall,
Laura Amstutz, Rachel Evans, Maddie Urlaub, Sheridan McMichael, Brittany Ray, you rock

as voices fade,
curtains drop

we take our personal insights from these artists,
we drift away from the stage, with blue water and green mountain near.

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