Sunday, February 14, 2016

short story slam week 38, Valentine's day...

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Family and Love 

Time Spent With Harvard Is Priceless

Six Word Saturday

Valentine is here,
let's go for free, cheer

Francis J. Doyle is profound,
so does Nicholas Zeppos, Yaron Singer, and Alexander Sasha Rush

Michelle Obama remarks Princeton University well,
Barack Obama intends Harvard Law perfect

George Bush relates to Yale, or Rice University,
Bill Clinton and Larry Lawrence Page feel good about Standford University

Tao Li always appreciates Boston College, and University of California, Berkeley,
Jiahong Wu, Peter Hans, Grace Tsiang, and Peter Constantin recall University of Chicago

we vote for University of Texas at Austin, 
when Jerry Bona, Hongqiu Cheng, Juanming Yuan, Lixin Gong graduate

Qingbo Huang, Yu Yuan, Henry Leitner, Harry Lewis have fun with Seaweed,
David Brooks, Jelani Nelson, Salil Vadhan, Robert Noyce, Jonathan Zittrain opt for Java

a math ph d goes for Norman school,
that happens to Meijun Zhu, Huaqing Wu, Alen Yen, john Armstrong, and Liz Armstrong

love is real
when the bakery is hot

love is red
when the passion is absolutely true to Fred

Alfred Nobel is wise,
so does Ran Ma, Tao Zhou, Min Wang, and Shawn Peng