Monday, February 29, 2016

famous people from Morrison, Perry, Coyle, Orlando, Mulhal, Tryon, Kelly, Pawnee, Hominy, and Carney


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short story slam week 39, the children's place, toys, games, puzzles, and cartoon books

world famous people,
look at Andy Morrison, Van Morrisaon, Lori Swaton

world famous place for children
check out Oregon, Idaho, Georgia, Virginia, and Scranton

Wolsey Avenue, Kathleen Dichter meets Gordon Johnson,
Wall bargain center,  Boonie Forester rules Sean Forey, Nolen Nice

Pawnee, Hominy, Skiatook, Owasso, and Inola,
James Morrison votes for Rosekla Morrison, He Zi and Wu Minxia dive

World sports is a game for all walks of life,
we see Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton, William, Harry, and Sarah Stevenson

Far at Weymouth, Manchester, Ames, Birmingham, and Paris,
Lord Coe, Austin Playfoot, Adellie Tracey, and Aidan Reynolds plot schedules

Track and field, swimming, diving boards, volleyball, basket ball,
all games are directed by Cameron MacRitchle, Katie Kirk, Desiree Henry,

the international games happen once for 4 years,
next game is held at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, southern America

we wait to see Jordan Duckitt, Callum Airlie, Eric Farrell, Mik Bast, 
we go for Jacques Rogge, Russell James, Guy Drut, Danny Boyle

a drive to London is long,
a yell for Tokyo fans is loud

hurray, Michael Phelps, Saudi Arabia, George Alexander Louis,
grow fast, Charlotte, Margaret, Laura, Barbara, Shizo Abe, and Wen Jiabao

look for new places,
they invite you from Nolen Niu, Havana, Istanbul, Leipzig, Madrid, Moscow, Paris

stop by Morrison, El REno, and Elgin,
eat at Denny's from Chickasaw, Tulsa, Yale, Pawnee, Clever land, Bristow, or Kelly