Thursday, August 17, 2017

short story slam week 74, 73,

short story slam week 74, about residing else where for a change, maybe on weekends 

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a family vacation is inresistable!

   a lovely city


  florencve high school
outstanding first year agriculture student winner

     gran brelagna is cheerful about her school years

Sister Of Mine - Poem by ToddMichael St. Pierre

Sister of mine, please know that I miss you,
As miles seperate us in life as we roam.
I close my eyes and we're still together…
Splashing in puddles as we skip toward home.

Picking wish-flowers and making mud-pies,
In fields of Summer, under apricot skies.
Oh it really does seem like yesterday,
And I'll always remember us this way.

Sister of mine, please know that I love you,
No distance on earth, could alter this truth.
Not a day passes, that I don't think of you,
And far-away playgrounds in dreams of youth.

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