Tuesday, December 22, 2015

ABc Wednesday, X is for Xie Xiaodong, and Short stroy slam week 35: love

X for Xie xiaodong


Christmas fare...

there is no job well done
unless you add fun
and humor to Dan

there is no gem in your home
unless you work hard without expecting
anything big to your personal favor

there is no free cash
and no free fame
yet you can search for a fiction love for a change

there is no red love
or green eggs and brown ham
but we all eat oranges, and drink diet pepsi

xiaodong xie, the sweet girl from kunming,
huiju zhou, a singing angel from chengdu,
xuezhi zhang, a promising and achieving diamond from xihu.

 short story slam week 35, Dece 17 to Janu 10, 2016