Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Seattle Imagery

Washington state,
West coast plate,
Fair weather,
Fixed season temperature,
Michael Young,
Hyatt Hotel,
Petting zoo,
Red Cliff,
Green Valley,
Blue waves,
Mountain and forests stand shoulder to shoulder,
Fruits and vegetables come from Colorado or Boulder,
Seattle has everything we need,
Seattle minds others such as Evanston, a retreat.
A promising education and creation to locate,
Seattle is admirably great.

Washington state,
West coast plate,
Elegant imagery,
Breathtaking scenery,
Paris perfume,
Rome camera and zoom,
El Paso taco,
I don't mean to be hostile...
Julio Ottino,
Morton Schapiro,
Barack Obama,
Joe, Jill, Ali, Mara, and Sara,
You've got to love Seattle,
A fresh place to settle.