Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Happen To Know and Remember...(Poets Rally Week 72, Short Fiction Week 27, Humor Week 12)

Thank for The Perfect Poet Award from Aya Wilson
For week 73, i wish to nominate Rachel Collegewood Schapiro

I happen to know and remember:
the seventeen-hole bridge at the Summer Palace,
The nine dragon wall at the Heaven's Gate,
The lantern Festival on January 15th, Each year,
The magpie bridge at Milky Way each July 7th,
The Monkey King at movie The Journey to The West,
(or Sun'Wu-Kong at Xi'You'Ji)...
The Mulan lady who has disguised herself as a man
to fight Chinese ancient wars for her father,
                                                                                                                                                               The Terracotta Warriors (Bing Ma Yong)
The Rock Forest at Kun'Ming, Yun'Nan Sheng (State or Zhou),
The breakfasts you served at the dining table every morning,
The finger fruits at plates my mom or Dad made daily,
The expecting eyes Tom has when I offer him help in Cello,
The revealing smiles on the face of Mr. Jackson and Meredith...

 Image Credit:, Aya Wilson