Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tomatoes, The Best Cure To Rabbit Aches....

"What's news?" Quacked the duck.
"Creamy corn with tomato sauce served on an arc?"
"Oh, no!" the sheep yawn,
"I prefer tender grass, spring water by dawn!"
"what's wrong?" wondered the rabbit.
"Hopping around for tomato treats, that's my habit."
My stomach is tough,
because it's made of finer stuff.
My stomach is loose
and greens is my fondest choice.
The rabbit pauses, shaking his head,
"I want everything fresh and wild like that!"
The duck swims off,
The goat walks away,
The bunny gives a big bite to a tomato,
and flees, no more ache to destroy his day.

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Sheng Henry Wood said...

animals are fun,

so does the word sun, which in Chinese means shun or Xun...

Iris Yacht Murphy said...

how funny.

Malia Jones Catieboxford said...

love it.

Viola Cohen said...

smart one.

Elizena said...

Cute! And it's true, a tomato a day keeps the doctor away...I know it's supposed to be an apple, but I prefer tomato. LOL! At least it calms my stomach down. Enjoyed reading this. May your week be blessed.