Friday, March 30, 2018

short story slam week 86, 87 ...on unexpected relatives

short story slam week 86, march 22, 2018 to april, 8, 2018 

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  what does Jingle Yan really like?

all of sudden, she likes to smile,
laughing at some close relatives in between,
besides red apples, orange peels,
she likes to draw graphics for some humor reasons.....

first, she likes Drew Iranati and Seyed Iranani book shelves.....
then, she likes Kathleen Applegate and Winn ^ Dixie food mart
besides Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, John Hopkins, NU, OSU, Yale,
she likes Harvard and Standford

 Image result for seyed iravani   Uncle Seyed is a good lord to Drew and his six children
uncle Seyed is a faculty at Northwestern University

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Drew and Seyed Iravani has six lovely children and they adults, who
lead Academic excellence, creative writing, and mathematics research
in remarkable ways

 Drew and Seyed Iravani


Sons       Igor Pritsker, Eric Wood, Burns Hargis, Ronald Daniels, Morton Schapiro,
Daughter(s),   Sede Memik, Lucinda Page



Grand Children

Abbey Wood,  Ari Wood, Oliver Wood, Jema Wood, Lucas Wood, Nathan Wood,
Michael Martin Daniels, Pamela Louise Daniels, Bertha Hayden Daniels, Carolyn Daniels
Emily Hargis, Min Winfrey
Asya Pritsker, Tom Pritsker
Alissa Schapiro, Rachel Schapiro, Matthew Schapiro

Drew Iravani has a brother Mark Williams,
who has four beautiful children

Mark Williams  | FRances Cordova


Lottie Evelyn Williams
Melania Trump
Alex Bird
Kathleen Applegate


Sheng Wu,  Tom L. Wu, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Tiffany Trump, Ivanka Trump,
Barron Trump, Steven Trump,  Amelia Wilson, Marilyn Cheekawood, Mark Zurkerburg

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