Tuesday, March 7, 2017

short story slam week 64, friends from Mao Bay and Peng Houde relatives


when Wu Huilong speaks
many listen
We vote for many
but not all agree

we simply wish all Merry Christmas
all of you are Jesus in private
and all of you shall feel great to run or parade
singing beautiful songs for yourself

John Cacciatore
Chris Shaffer
Mussels Hell
Ellen Marie Shearer

Fergus Falls
Mary Fallin
Jennifer Ferguson
Jimmie Dale "Jim" Long

Anna Erickson
Park Rapids Enterprise
Kent Fritze
Alison Bernier

Katie Hafner
Donna Karen
Donde Estan
Josh McKim

Marc Moore
Randy Blake
Megan Horton
Aaron Wilson

Angie Bale
Terri Moorman
Sheibie Wittle
Curt Sharp

Andy Gin
Peng Huojun
Peng Rongrong
Wu Chen xi

Sabrina Swanger
Matt Streeter
Ann Hargis
Burns Hargis

Debra Vincent
Jennifer Bartley
John Bartley
Rollinda Saunders

things go sour
if Yan Qun and Zhao Chunfeng believe that
anything is good
but not our former classmates

I wish all of you good luck
thanks for the ride
Go, Bob Young,
Go, Kelly Yan

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