Saturday, April 16, 2016

poetry rally week 83, the powerful nutrition in our digest system: tomato, broccoli, and green beans

Image result for vegetables 

Image result for vegetables 

Image result for vegetables 

green earth and clean energy
thomas pickens and al gore

tomato is one rare fruit
the soup is sweet and sour, if you cook as a vegie

boiled broccoli is benefit number one
because fiber is one thing we always choose to dine

green beans,
long or short, they all work

eating well is good habbit
feeling well is nice option

when it comes to nutrition,
I always have wide variation

name more, we find Cucumber, Tofu, Dried Plums, and Prunes to adore
think more, we Believe that Sherry's Drug, Alan's Pharmacy, Page Church can be soul welling

red is hot,
tomatoes are not bad yet odd

green is benign
a tree is tough but it provides shades

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