Thursday, October 15, 2015

the problem behind the haunted house

Short Story Slam Prompt 31: 17 days to A Spooky and Sheepish Halloween Night

this is a fictional post and sharing with bluebell books twitter club:

for a very long time, people disagree that ghosts exist,
but small kids could not help wondering dark space,
empty homes, and unsettled woods...
Americans become naughty  due to their playful holidays,
Halloween is born when some folks think that one indeed
shall support fictional characters, cold weather, and negative
inputs, and disagreeable comments.

Charles, brad, josh, and henry appear absolutely cool
when they wear white cloth and have their eyes dark and round,
they roam the street along new york broadway, and refuse to 
agree that one shall decide for all, they enjoy their freedom of character,
fashion style, and food preference, and at the end of the October 31,
they fall asleep behind Carnegie Hall and their body shake
with very bitter sweet sugar in their stomachs.