Monday, October 5, 2015

david and molly boren and milwaukee

david and molly boren,
frank and judy hwang,
oklahoma academic and math angels,
a firm figure for all knowledge base collectors.

milwaukee, nomie, pick and save,
kenosha, evanston, morton grove,
nightingales sing for julio and alicia,
good luck to amelia, jill moreno, and venetian coo

Princeton review,
Abbey and Sampton carpool,
chicago bulls soar,
mimi, oahu, honolulu, ames, madison, uco, ucla, or ocu rule

october 5th,
autumn orange mix,
susan constantin, peter constantin, sarah constantin work all the way
from iowa, to florida, and to california...

illinois onions,
pat quinn speaks,
jerry brown looks,
chris christie runs for 2016 president

the rockwell sits still,
the jerry yang assures yahoo bell,
jack ma grins from barron paper,
new york times is decent about immigrants matter.

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