Monday, May 4, 2015

A Ticket to London

in her dream,
Yahoo master Marissa surfaces,
She books a ticket to London,
the person who travels is Jerry Yang,
Stalkers won't agree,
that's why Jerry Yang doubts
and he chooses a flight to Princeton,
then he is forced into another one to Sydney, Australia.
Because there is always disagreements,
No trip is made, no Rome, London, Paris arrivals,
Jerry refuses to travel oversea
and he decides to stay at USA.
Here, individual freedom is interfered,
Here, personal agenda is made public,
Marissa and Jerry try to discover peace,
while San Francisco airport security guard and medical aids
struggle to agree with their plans.
Good people as they are,
we wish the best living options for them so far,
it occurs that Marissa and Jerry are very cool before and after all,
According to  Larry Reed, Jane Robertson, Marc Brown, and Sarah Neely.