Friday, January 30, 2015

a day with some rhyming thoughts: that's it, I take the perfect poet award from week 79...

why award people? I used to wish to be included in honorable stuff, and most likely, I indeed have my wishes granted, thanks to God, i have fond memories about schools, orchestras, sports, and poetry....

Thank you, thursday poets rally at hyde park poetry palace, for the honor.
for week 80, i wish to nominate an online poet marit  for her poems.

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 Invading cannibal ladybirds take over Britain's homes - Nature ...


how does American democracy work?
Think of Martin Lurther King Jr.,
Coretta Scott King,
Jim Clark,
James Jackson,
Lyndon B Johnson,
Lady Bird Johnson,
Barack Obama,
Michelle Obama....
that's drama of 1964 and victory of 2008,
a movie of Selma at Alabama,
made by Ava, Brad, Oprah, Paul, Dede, Christian, Nik,...
the seed of civil rights hit us,
glad that this country is under Barack administration,
and modern technology such as skype, bb caller, ...
i guess the world is a small village,
and co-existence is our option for acceptance to others.