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OSSM Fact Sheet

Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics

The Program

The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics is Oklahoma's public, tuition-free, residential high school for juniors and seniors with exceptional ability in mathematics and science.
OSSM was created by the Oklahoma Legislature in 1983 and is funded by the state. The school is governed by a Board of Trustees which is appointed by legislative leaders and the governor.  During the school's 22-year history, students have matriculated from all of Oklahoma's 77 counties.


OSSM’s goals are to provide an optimum learning environment for exceptionally motivated students who excel in science and mathematics.  Also, to serve as a resource for Oklahoma’s school districts through research, teacher training and workshops, as well as statewide math competitions for middle school students.


The campus is located on a 32-acre site near the state capitol and adjacent to the teaching and scientific research resources of the Oklahoma Health Center. In the summer of 2000, the school completed a $25 million campus building program. The classrooms and offices of the historic Lincoln School were restored in 1992 through a unique partnership with more than 130 Oklahoma patrons, organizations, businesses, and government entities and is now known as the Manning Academic Center. Students live in the school's 61,000 square-foot Dan Little Residence Hall that accommodates 144 students and six faculty families. Construction on the hall was completed in 1998, and in 1999, OSSM opened a new physical education facility. In 2001, the school constructed the Senator Bernice Shedrick Library, followed by the Samson Science and Discovery Center, which houses physics and chemistry laboratories. The dormitory has expanded to allow the school to house 100 additional students per year should funding become available from the state.


Admission to OSSM is a highly competitive process initiated by written application. In addition to the student’s high interest and potential in science and mathematics, the admissions committee examines multiple criteria including standardized test scores, previous grades and course work, and high school academic recommendations. Semifinalists are interviewed by a review committee before the final selection is determined.

Academic Program

OSSM is committed to building a strong academic foundation for each student. While in residence at OSSM, students are required to complete successfully four and one-half units of science, two units of mathematics,
one-half unit of computer science, two units of English, two units of history, two units of a foreign language, one unit of fine arts, and two units of physical education. Each science class features a two-or-three-hour weekly laboratory experience. Students receive five and one-half days of academic instruction every week. Students must also receive satisfactory participation reports in both campus and community service and a total of 120 hours are required for graduation.

Student Research

Strengthening the academic base is the OSSM Mentorship Program, which provides concentrated research opportunities in specialized fields under the direction of professionals in the scientific and technological community.


The faculty at OSSM is a diverse, accomplished group of professionals with advanced degrees in their disciplines. Doctorate degrees are held by approximately 70 percent of the faculty and all members have extensive
years of teaching experience, many at the college level. During school nights in the dormitory, faculty members work with individual students on challenging assignments, thus lending additional support to their academic success.

Shadows and Tours

Prospective sophomore students are encouraged to "shadow" an OSSM student during a school day. This has proven to be effective because potential students get a sense of what a typical day is like, as well as an idea of the rigors of the academic program. Parents and school personnel are invited to tour OSSM Monday through Friday during the school year.  Contact the Admissions Office to schedule a campus tour.


For more information about OSSM, write or call:
The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics
1141 North Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104
(405) 521.6436 FAX (405) 522.4586
Web site: