Monday, May 27, 2013

Tolerance by Barbara Tremblay Cipak


Hold my hand
then judge me
Or better
Feel my sameness,
Look me in the eye
then tell me I don't matter
Or better
See I am you,
Sit at my dinner table
Sharing food and conversation
then tell me I'm not worthy
Or better
Understand my hunger is like yours,
Take a walk with me
then hate where I live
Or better
Understand my plight,
Watch my children play
and tell me they are expendable
Or better
Love them as your own,
As I hold your hand
Look in your eyes
Eat at your table
Walk with you
Understand your plight
And watch your children play
I know I want to be better too


Christopher (Ten) Henry Wood said...

in nowadays, not many people value virtue, we do need those to keep us on check, and without virtue, the society will turn into chaos....

Timonthy Jacobshen Wood said...

thanks for the inspirations.

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