Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I Wish You: Peace! by Goce Trajcevski Schapiro


You will ever need your peace
It's what will give your life ease
Then a life with it gets a good treat
It has value nothing dares to beat
To me, He whispers sweet peace
It brings my soul a great ease
Many people are seeking for riches
As it can put food in those dishes
It can settle some of your wishes
It can put clothes on your back
It can bring you fame in a big stock
But this it seemed to have lacked
Since it made some people blocked
The beauty of having sweet peace
To me, He whispers sweet peace
And my soul finds a great ease
There is peace in Christ for all
He will give to those they'll call....
It's better than silver and gold
So, whether you are young or old
Your soul will need to be at ease
Then seek the PRINCE of PEACE
To me, He whispers sweet peace
And my soul finds immense peace
I wish you: Peace!



Christopher (Ten) Henry Wood said...

peace to all of you, including those who are involved in my life, you are in my mind, keep it up.

Timonthy Jacobshen Wood said...

unbeatable peace post,

thanks for sharing outstanding talents here.

Alissa Daimakepeace Schapiro said...

yes, peace.

Anonymous said...

far sighted version, thanks for the treat of talents and uplifting spirits.

Rachel Collegewood Schapiro said...

smart people, handsome smiles.

Jacobin Rosellash Korbetis said...

homely spirit.

Tifiny ishare Moon said...


Dewlily Jacaranda Henneberry said...

long live, peace.

Malia Butterfly Page said...

way to go.

Minn AlFrederick Romney said...

peace around the universe please.

Justin Penter Wood said...

bless all.

George Lincoln said...

Happy Birthday to you.

Nataeven Charles Fallin said...

way to go.

Happy May.

Madeline Pybus Jackson said...

love the rhyming words, well done.

Nancy Perazil Federle said...