Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Untitled By Emily Dickinson

I shall keep singing!
Birds will pass me
on their way to yellower climes-
Each-with a Robin's expectation-
I- with my redbreast-
And my rhymes-
Late-when I take my place in summer-
But-I shall bring a fuller tune-
Vespers- are sweeter than Matins-signor-
Morning-only the seed of Noon-


Sheng Henry Wood said...

have a lovely day.

Happy Holidays to All!

Justin Penter Wood said...


glad to see a variations of features and positive sentiments.

enjoy a perfect Christmas, Sheng.

Virginia Barefoot Hargis said...

fishing is fun.

Taylor Kong Boomer said...

love the poem.
powerful images.

Indiana Rosemary Watson said...

a cool post.

Nataeven FairyAn Fallin said...

yummy post.

Bethzea Finland Aniston said...


Madeline Meiltongji Jackson said...

beautiful sentiments.