Sunday, July 22, 2012

Left Out Aloud (A Portrayal of A Sick Lady)

She hungers for crowds,
There, she sits, enjoying tea,
First, none notices that
she differs, from all the rest,
and once, she chuckles silently,
It almost hurts!
July orchards orchestra fruitful things,
Friends have free talks and laughter at next table,
Their voice are animated,
She listens, her eyes glitter,
with outward luster,
Her mood is stirred, as if a fish in a net!
Limitless time,
Painful blindness,
She keeps jumping, sadly,
Her head hurts, in obstacles,
Images flash: her phone calls,
His emails, and sweet lies,
Bitterish tears well up,
She leaves the tea house, vanishes in confusion.

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Sheng T-H-E Wu said...

a sad figure to know.

please take no offense,

unless you believe that you are like the lady, then ask for help.
bless all.

Becky Hargis said...

superb write.

love the vivid imagery.