Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thanks A Ton 4 Your Love, Mom and Dad, Plus Tom! Happy Father's Day!

Good Afternoon, This is Sheng,
I've got your deposit, Dad, Thanks :)
It's always joyful to hear from home,
I'm glad to get birthday wishes from Dad,
Tom, and PEOPLE who befriend with me...
Your words empower
and give me lots of energy,
I'm doing fine having a very full schedule,
Happy Father's Day...Daddy Rocks!

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Sheng Henry Wu said...

Wishing you all a beautiful summer.


Sheng T-H-E Wu said...

Thanks again for your greetings...


The Purple said...

wow, you rock too, Sheng.

Elizena said...

Very nice! So wonderful to see how much others love their parents and family members. Be blessed.