Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Paksitan = Penn State of USA + Pandi (Tom Woo) + Peng + Danilowicz + Sitcoms + Janet at KJ 103 + Trent J. Swanson + On Paper Wings + Vanderbilt University + Tan (g) + Sinha + Simen Yan + Vanessa Hudson + RongJi Zhu + Peter Pan + Heather Lanners + Stanford University + Yanji

Pakistan is the second largest Muslim country,
after Indonesia. The world’s second
and ninth highest mountains are in Pakistan,
Pakistan has second largest Shiite
Muslim population. Pakistan founded the
Organization of Islamic Conference
Pakistan’s Capital, Islamabad is one of
the few capital cities in the world
that is one of the most beautiful ones.

Image Credit: on Pakistan,....China, U. S. A.  ....

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Sheng Henry Wu said...

This is a hard one.