Friday, May 4, 2012

Aunt Chuanzhen Peng: You are The Best As Aunt To Washington and Mother to Liz Willow

Happy Mother's Day from Sheng Wu, lots of blessings...;)

Aunt Chuanzhen Peng, Suhua (nikename),
Suzy (English) is thoughtful,
Beside cash gifts and delicious dinners,
she bought Tom and I many treats
when we're leaving Beijing
for Wuhan in 2007…
I'm grateful for her beautifully attentive love
before and after I was born in Liangxiang
hospital of Housing Mountain District,
Beijing, China, May 22, 1993.

Image Credit: on Beijing, China, Liangxiang (Bright Shawn Shine Town), Fangshan Qu, Ji Yan, Chuanhui Peng, Sheng Wu, Tom Wu, Jiahong Wu, Qiangjiao Kong, Bine Xu, Jianying Xu, Jade Wang....Chuanzhen Peng, Chuanxian Peng, Hounian Peng, Simei Yan, Liz Willow, Peter Willow, Sihe Willow.... Family, Friends, Love..


Sheng Kent Wu said...

I only recall the time when I look at the photos Mom Jiyan took of me and aunt at Beijing,

she was loving and caring during my early childhood time, Thanks for the care to me and to mom, mom would not make it to America without aunt's support....

Happy Mother's Day.
Bless you, aunt, uncle, and cousin ying... ;)

I am doing great, smiles.

Sheng Kent Wu said...

Jiangsu, Gansu, Sichuan provinces, and Zhonghua China honor you,

Zhengzhou city, Suzhou city, Shenzhen city bless you...

take good care.

we love you lots.

Sheng Kent Wu said...

President Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, and Chinese president Hu Jintao,

smiles, keep up the excellence.

Happy May,
Happy mother's Day to all mothers, all first ladies...

Sheng Henry Wu said...

I am sorry that I have to make adjustment to fit the changes so far.

basically, I am fixed with my feature themes and name.