Monday, April 23, 2012

Fuji Film: The Film To Capture Magic and Love In Everyone's Family Albums!

Fuji films are perfect for pictures,
especially when you're on family vacations,
it's important to capture moments of magic
so that you are reminded of the precious time
spent together when you grow older...
Mom Ji and Dad Jiahong have at least
seven albums of family photos with Tom
and ME (Sheng) in them, Wow, :)

Image Credit: on Fuji Film...


Sheng Kent Wu said...

a lovely film to recommend and enjoy by all.

have fun!

Elizena said...

Do on occasion use Fuji film and just taking pictures of family is so much fun. I have so many albums full of pictures and now with all the digital cameras I've now got so many pictures on cd's. How wonderful to be able to pass on such a rich family history. Good post. Be blessed.